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The Traveller Book – Introduction

Recently I picked up a POD copy of the Game Designers’ Workshop book The Traveller Book. First printed in 1982, this book is a collection of the Traveller rules first published in 3 separate books by Marc Miller in 1977. Traveller is a science fiction adventure RPG set in the “far future”, an age where mankind has spread out amongst the stars, travel faster than the speed of light is possible, and merchants, militaries, pirates and others vie for a piece of the universe to call their own. Largely a “space opera” style game, traveller envisions a massive universe with a powerful (but distant) government, and communication speeds that are limited to the speed of starship travel, and intends players to be “retired” characters from a previous career seeking some new fame, fortune, glory or home.

Over the next few posts, I’ll be reading through the book calling out some sections and thoughts as I go. So let’s get started…

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