Steve Jobs

Still nothing happening on the RPG front. My regular games have been put on extended hiatus, incidentally, if anyone has a regular opening for an online OSR game, I’m interested. On the other hand, as you may have heard, there has been some big happenings in the world of Apple. Steve Jobs has been many things to many people. A mentor, a role model, and an inspiration to some; an enemy, an adversary, and a symbol of all that is wrong in the computer industry to others. Inspiration is perhaps the most greatest effect Mr. Jobs had on me. Though I was into computers long before I had my first mac, it was owning and learning everything about that mac that put me on the path I travel today. Growing up, I dreamt of working for Apple, and for a while I did, although in the retail stores rather than corporate where I had dreamed. Working for Apple was an incredible experience, I met some fantastic people and I saw first hand the introduction of some world changers, including the first iPhone. Eventually, the strain of retail took its toll, and a personal disagreement with some new retail policies forced me to take my leave of Apple. I never met Steve Jobs, but his company and his products had an impact on me just the same.

I can’t say that I am moved to the degree that others have been, but I do think that the world will be a lesser place without the driving vision that Steve Jobs had for the future. Not everyone agreed with that vision to be sure, but without that vision I think it’s safe to say the world of computers we know today would be very different. Tonight and over the rest of the week, I’m sure people will be toasting (or cursing) Steve Jobs, but if there is one lesson we should all take from him, it is to stop looking back and move forward and make the future we dream of.

Salut Steve, and thanks.

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