Using Game Master to Run a Game

Friday night was the first time I had a chance to run a game using my Game Master software. We ran Level 1 of Dyson’s Delve with a party of 3 characters, a Dwarven Fighter, a Halfling Cleric and an Elven Mage (yes, I know that violates some class / race restrictions, but I’m the GM and I say it’s all good). Prep for game was pretty easy. I started with a new .dungeon file for each level of the Delve, and a new area for each numbered room in the delve. Flavor text and player knowledge goes in the yellow description box, while notes about traps, treasures and other non player knowledge goes in the green GM notes box. Monster stat blocks and the individual HPs are tracked in the blue box, and overarching information like wandering monster charts, general level info and session XP / GP totals go in the pink box. Of course, nothing prevents you from filling in anything into any box, but that was the intended layout when I wrote the program.

Running the game went fairly smoothly. Most of the information I needed was always in that one screen, the only exception being the map itself, which I just kept open in another window. I did notice that despite the default size setting, Game Master definitely works best run at full screen. I plan to implement a new version in the future that takes advantage of the full screen capabilities of Lion. So what needs to change? Well, one thing I did notice was a need for some scratch space. In theory I could probably use the general notes section at the bottom to include notes on for example how many rounds before the zombie isn’t turned  and how many turns have elapsed for that torch, but for some reason I found myself simply using extra dice as counters. I’m thinking about possibly implementing a round/turn counter program, that would let you tick by the rounds or turns and allow you to set up flags for items.

Other than that though, the Game Master program worked well, as it should have, given that I wrote it for my work flow, so I officially declare Game Master a rousing success.

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