Swords and Wizardry Bookmarks

If you downloaded the older printings of S&W, you probably enjoyed (as I did) the fact that the PDF had chapter bookmarks for easy navigation. Unfortunately, the most current PDF does not. After spending a few hours last week working on it, I finally have a bookmarked PDF of S&W 4th printing. I used a wonderful program called JPDFBookmarks to create the bookmarks. The program also allows me to dump the bookmarks as a text file so that other people can apply them to their file. If you’d like to bookmark your copy, download the program and then download this file and apply it to your PDF. Enjoy.

Changes from the PDF layout to the bookmarks:

  • The index of tables are bookmarked in alphabetical order
  • Spell descriptions are bookmarked both alphabetically and by class/level
  • Monsters are bookmarked alphabetically and by challenge level
  • All the little side note boxes are bookmarked in their own section at the end
  • Attack tables, encounter tables, equipment tables, stat tables and treasure tables are also all in their own sections at the end of the bookmarks list. They are bookmarked in their standard positions, but grouping them together like this was also useful for me, and I assume will be useful for you.


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